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KyTek Releases VJxt vertical justification for QuarkXPress 2020
Text Box with No Vertical Justification
This first image shows a box of text containing heads, sub-heads, inline art and body text paragraphs. The box is not vertically justified. An unusual amount of white space is left to make it visually clear what the differences are between QuarkXPress vertical justification and VJxt vertical justification shown in the subsequent images.
VJxt no vertial justification

Text Box with QuarkXPress Vertical Justification
This second image shows the same box of text with QuarkXPress vertical justification in effect. You'll note that every line has an equal amount of space added between them. This includes the body text lines, the heads and sub-heads and the inline art.
VJxt QuarkXPress vertical justification

Text Box with VJxt Vertical Justification
The final image shows the same box of text with VJxt vertical justification applied. Below this image are four dialogs showing the relative vertical justification applied between the various styles. Note that VJxt doesn't place any extra vertical space between the lines of a paragraph. The additional space is only placed before and/or after elements.
VJxt vertical justification
First note that paragraphs with a body text style in this example have no added space placed between them. The BHead style elements are assigned a relative value of 1 unit before and 0 added space after. The AHead elements are assigned twice as much space before as the Bhead elements (ie a relative value of 2) and no added space after. The inline Art style has a relative amount of added space both before and after of one half (ie 0.5 relative units) of the Bhead style element.
You can see visually the effects of these settings in the image of the VJxt justified text box above. The greatest amount of extra space appears before the Ahead elements, the smallest amount is around the art element and the middling space is above the Bhead elements. You can see that the ratio of space is 2 : 1 : 0.5 corresponding to AHead before : BHead before : Art before and after.

VJxt vertical justification VJxt vertical justification
VJxt vertical justification VJxt vertical justification
Note that the amounts specified in the dialog are only relative to each other, they are not absolute units of measurement. Any numeric values may be used.

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