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Version 8.2 of the venerable Autopage pagination system, which has been continually updated over 20 years, now runs with QuarkXPress 10.
Version 8 of the Autopage pagination system is now available to automate QuarkXPress Server 7 and 8 running on OS X.
Version 8.3 of XMLxt running with QuarkXPress 6.5 and OS X and supporting cross references is now shipping. Now runs with QuarkXPress 7 and 8 on PowerMacs and Intel Macs.
StyleExport™ 7.1 now shipping! 
Version 7.1 of StyleExport running with QuarkXPress 7 and 8 under OS X is now available.
VJxt™ for QuarkXPress 7 now shipping! 
Version 7 of VJxt running with QuarkXPress 7 and OS X is now shipping.
Welcome to KyTek
KyTek's Autopage automates long document layout in QuarkXPress.
XMLxt allows XML tags to be maintained as part of a QuarkXPress workflow and updates cross reference page numbers.
StyleExport exports paragraph and character style definitions as XPress Tags markup and also includes master page definitions, color definitions and style usage descriptions.
VJxt replaces QuarkXPress' vertical justification with a paragraph-based, proportional algorithm.
KyTek provides custom development services related to automating the page composition process.
Check out our products page for more information about automating the page layout process with QuarkXPress and QuarkDDS.
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From an Autopage customer:
"AUTOPAGE IS FANTASTIC - today 54 pages - VERY HARD AND DIFFICULT PAGES - without Autopage probably need 4 days"
- Andrea Astolfi, March 2010
KyTek has been recognized as one of Quark's GoldenPartners
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